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So many things to make, let the imagination soar, exceptional value for money Contents: Plastic Body Parts Blank A5 Jigsaw Fabric Purse Keyring Plastic Mosaic Pendants Wooden Door Hanger Blank Wooden Keyring Blanks Fabric Shapes Fabric Snap Bracelet Mesh Tube 4m Natural Branch Chips Plastic Spinning Tops Dried & Skeleton Leaves Coloured Chenille Stems Coloured Cotton Reels Foam Keyring Blank Foam Shapes PVA Glue Sequins Shells Natural Lollipop Sticks Neon Googly Eyes Coloured Matchsticks Cork Coasters Card Mobile Heart Card Owl Blank Card Heart Weaving Blank Card Loom Foam stickers Jingle Bells Plastic Tumblers Neon Straws Polystyrene Balls 4cm Wool Coloured Craft Sticks Pom Poms Coloured Dolly Pegs Feathers Paint Pots Pen, Pencil, Needle & Paint Brush

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